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Aromatic Waterfall

Tumbled Amethyst Stones

Tumbled Amethyst Stones

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Exquisite medium-sized tumbled Amethyst stones are available, measuring about 0.75" to 1.25" with slight variations. Renowned as the 'Stone of Spirituality,' Amethyst enjoys immense popularity as a crystal. It holds significance as the birthstone for February, earning it the name 'Sobriety Stone.' Amethyst is closely linked with the Crown Chakras, boasting an array of metaphysical attributes. However, above all, it captivates as a stunning gem – undoubtedly one of our personal favorites!

Please note that the stones depicted serve as illustrations. Given their natural nature, some diversity is to be expected from item to item. Rest assured, the provided stones will exhibit close resemblance while not being entirely identical.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Tumbled Light Jade
  • Size about 0.75" - 1.25" +/-.
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