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Tourmaline Rough Natural And Tumbled Stones Set

Tourmaline Rough Natural And Tumbled Stones Set

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Presenting a set of 2 Black Tourmaline gemstones: one in its rough and natural state, and the other as a tumbled stone. For every '1' quantity you select, you will receive this set containing both variations - 1 rough/natural stone and 1 tumbled stone.

The tumbled stone will typically measure within the range of 0.75" to 1", while the rough/natural stone will have dimensions of about 1" to 2". Given the natural diversity of these stones, please consider these measurements as approximate guidelines, allowing for minor variations.

Sourced from Brazil, these are top-quality Black Tourmaline stones, also known as Schorl, renowned in metaphysical circles. This crystal engages with the Root Chakra, effectively grounding energy and enhancing vitality. A favored choice among healers, it not only purifies and harmonizes the aura but also fosters a positive perspective. Linked with strength and equilibrium, Black Tourmaline serves as a shield against negativity, making it invaluable for daily wear and home placement. It finds its resonance with the Root Chakra.

Tumbled Black Tourmaline may exhibit a somewhat less polished surface compared to typical tumbled stones. The presence of rough areas on the stone's surface should be anticipated - this is a natural characteristic.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Black Tourmaline
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