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Aromatic Waterfall

Tourmaline Natural Rough Crystals

Tourmaline Natural Rough Crystals

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This Tourmaline Natural Rough Crystals is linked to the Crown Chakras, these exquisite, natural gemstones have the power to infuse your life with joy and affection. This crystal boasts an extensive array of metaphysical attributes that are too numerous to enumerate. Whether you're drawn to it for its unique qualities or simply because you find these stunning pieces irresistible, there are plenty of compelling reasons to make one a part of your collection.


  • Handmade
  • Materials:¬†Rough Pink Tourmaline

Size : 
Small ( 0.5-1")
Medium ( 1-2")
Large (2-3")
X Large (3-4")
Huge (4-5")

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