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Tiger Pattern Rough Mix Stones Box

Tiger Pattern Rough Mix Stones Box

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An assortment of exquisite Natural Tiger Specimens is enclosed within a wholesale crate. This collection is anticipated to weigh 14 lbs or possibly more, featuring varied sizes and hues of Tiger stones. The dimensions of each piece will span from 1.5" to 4" in length, exhibiting potential variations in the three primary color variations: Gold, Red, and Blue. 

It holds an affiliation with augmented resolve and determination, making it a favored crystal among those aspiring to nurture their internal abilities and individuals practicing the principles of the law of attraction. The stones present a splendid fusion of gold, brown, deep brown, red, earthy blue, and yellow tones, with flashes of brilliance.

The initial set of images portrays the stones in their wet state, which mirrors their appearance post-tumbling and polishing. Displaying the stones in this condition unveils their genuine potential. The shared images aim to convey a general impression of the assorted range of sizes and shapes accessible.


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