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Aromatic Waterfall

Smudge Kit With Smudging Guide

Smudge Kit With Smudging Guide

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Introducing the Smudge Kit With Smudging Guide – a mystical journey into the world of ancient purification and spiritual renewal. Handcrafted with care and intention, this extraordinary kit is a gateway to harnessing the power of sacred rituals and embracing the calmness they bring.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Abalone Shell, Smudging Guide
  • 1 x 3" Desert Sage Smudge Stick. This aromatic sacred native herb is used for spiritual cleansing, protection, fragrance, and purification. It is used to drive out negative energy and bring calm.
  • 1 Small 2.5" - 3.5" Abalone Shell (size and shape will vary). Abalone shells are a great accessory to aid your smudging ritual.
  • Basic directions for smudging a space or person.
  • You can also add a 4" tripod stand
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