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Aromatic Waterfall

Smudge Kit Box 6 Stick

Smudge Kit Box 6 Stick

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Ignite the flames of transformation, create an atmosphere of peace, and invite positivity into your life with the Smudge Kit Box 6 Stick. This kit transcends the ordinary, offering a sacred journey into theĀ core of ancient wisdom, handcrafted for the modern soul. Welcome the sublime energy of these sacred elements into your world and watch as they weave their magic, bringing harmony, clarity, and serenity into your sacred space.


  • Handmade
  • Material: White Sage, Blue Sage, Cedar, Black Sage, Yerba, Palo Santo Wood
  • Length: 4"

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x White Sage
  • 1 x Black Sage
  • 1 x Blue Sage
  • 1 x Cedar
  • 1 x Yerba
  • 1 x Palo Santo Wood Stick


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