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Rough Obsidian Natural Crystals

Rough Obsidian Natural Crystals

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Gorgeous and immense Rough Obsidian Natural Crystals sourced from Mexico are available for purchase. These unrefined crystals are priced by weight, spanning between 3 to 12 inches in size as their weight varies. These crystals exhibit a captivating deep black hue, perfect for showcasing their beauty. The larger specimens, weighing over 1lb, might exhibit some reddish inclusions or clay residue on the surface. While we diligently cleanse each crystal before dispatch, due to its natural origin, it's challenging to remove everything. It's important to be aware that Obsidian can possess sharp edges, necessitating careful handling.

Black Obsidian serves as an exceptional grounding crystal with a profound affinity to the Earth. Its role involves dispelling negative energies and offering valuable protective qualities.


  • Handmade
  • Materials:¬†Raw Black Obsidian
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