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Rough Natural Mahogany Obsidian Stones

Rough Natural Mahogany Obsidian Stones

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Premium Grade pieces of Large Natural Rough Mahogany Obsidian stones, size between about 2" to 3". High-quality specimens from Mexico.

Also known as Mountain Mahogany this stone has a very gentle energy and is a wonderful grounding and protection stone. The beautiful swirls and stripes are caused by the iron inclusions in the obsidian producing a truly gorgeous stone - you will not want to stop holding it! These stones are stunning deep burnt red/brown with black blotches and inclusions; they are just perfect for tumbling, polishing, cabbing, wire wrapping - or just keeping in their natural form as beautiful display specimens.

The first set of pictures shows the stone wet. This is what the stone will look like after it has been tumbled and polished. Showing the stone in this state shows its true potential. The last several pictures show the stone dry, which is how you will receive it. Brown Barrel is not included, stones come in a resealable plastic bag.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Raw Mahogany Obsidian
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