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Aromatic Waterfall

Raw Tourmaline Crystals

Raw Tourmaline Crystals

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Raw Tourmaline Crystals sourced from Brazil, ranging in size from approximately 1 to 2 inches. These are high-quality specimens of regular grade, thoughtfully chosen by precision. The collection comprises carefully selected pieces of unpolished Black Tourmaline, a widely sought-after metaphysical stone renowned for its various virtues. Aside from its metaphysical significance, Black Tourmaline, also referred to as Schorl, stands out as an excellent stone for grounding and protection.

With its roots in the Root Chakra, Black Tourmaline, or Schorl, is among the most favored metaphysical stones. By anchoring energy and enhancing vitality, it harmonizes effectively. Healers frequently include this foundational stone in their practice. Its functions encompass the purification and equilibrium of the aura, while also promoting a positive perspective. Its attributes are aligned with qualities of resilience and equilibrium.

By carrying Black Tourmaline, you can deflect negativity encountered in your day-to-day experiences, and having some in your household can contribute to the maintenance of a positive environment.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Rough Black Tourmaline

Sizes: Each size is between about 1" to 2"

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