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Pyrite Rough Natural And Tumbled Stones Set

Pyrite Rough Natural And Tumbled Stones Set

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Pair of Pyrite Gemstones includes 1 untreated/raw stone alongside 1 stone that has been polished and tumbled. When you order a quantity of '1', you will be provided with a set containing 2 gemstones - 1 in its raw form and the other as a tumbled piece.

The dimensions of each tumbled stone will fall within the range of approximately 0.75" to 1", while each untreated/raw stone will measure about 1" to 2". Please note that due to their natural origins, these measurements are meant as rough approximations, allowing for slight variations.

Please be aware that the showcased stones are for illustrative purposes. Given their natural essence, some differences will exist between individual items. Although the supplied stones will exhibit substantial similarity, they won't be entirely identical.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Rough Pyrite, Tumbled Pyrite
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