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Positive Energy Crystal Combo Box

Positive Energy Crystal Combo Box

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Crystal Box Kits feature thoughtfully curated crystals aimed at imbuing your life with positive energy and favorable vibrations. These kits are specifically crafted to house crystals that can be conveniently carried on your person or placed in your surroundings. Included within this kit are a bracelet, a set of four tumbled stones, a crystal cluster, a palm stone, and a keychain. This potent assortment of crystals forms a splendid showcase of both aesthetic allure and metaphysical potency.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Bracelet, Tumble Crystal Kit, Celestite Cluster, Palm Stone, Key Chain

Box Including:

  • Positive Energy Bracelet - A bracelet hand-crafted from Clear Quartz, Angelite, and Sodalite beads. This carefully selected combination of three powerful Positive Energy crystals will assist in bringing peace, relaxation, and serenity to your environment. 8 mm thick beads on a stretchable bracelet, fits most wrists. About 7.5" in size.
  • 4 Piece Positive Energy Tumble Kit - This 'Positive Energy' Set has crystals selected that we view as representing a strong positive, joyful, full-of-life energy. Selected for their beauty, energy, and metaphysical properties each stone represents key qualities of bringing light and happiness into one's life.
  • Celestite Cluster - Associated with the Third Eye Chakra and also the Throat-Chakra these peaceful, calming stones emit a smooth and peaceful vibration. These Celestite Clusters are from Madagascar and have stunning structures and crystallization.
  • Sodalite Palm Stone - Enjoy the calming energy of Sodalite with this blue palm stone. Aligned with Throat-Chakra, Sodalite is said to balance intellect and intuition, allowing us to communicate clearly. It is believed to enhance meditation and create mutual understanding.
  • Fluorite Key Chain - Fluorite is a stone that comes in a wide variety of colors and is most closely associated with the Heart-Chakra. It assists with protection and cleansing and brings a sense of peace and order, helping alleviate tension whilst helping to clarify purpose.
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