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Natural Tourmaline Box

Natural Tourmaline Box

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Assortment of Pink Tourmaline Crystals in Bulk Packaging (also referred to as Rubellite).

Exquisite Unprocessed Pink Tourmaline High-Quality Crystal Fragments - brimming with vitality! - picked arbitrarily from our available inventory during the order placement. The stones' hues might span from faint pink to shades approaching red. Irrespective of the color, all fragments hold equivalent vitality! Linked with Chakra, these exquisite natural crystals will infuse your life with joy and affection! This stone boasts numerous mystical attributes that are too extensive to enumerate; you can opt for one due to these properties, or simply find these splendid fragments indispensable for your collection - both are excellent rationales for acquiring them!


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Natural Rough Minerals
  • Quantity: At least 9, up to 14 pieces.
  • Dimensions: Varying between 1 to 3 inches in length
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