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Aromatic Waterfall

Natural Kyanite Blades

Natural Kyanite Blades

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Blue Kyanite Blades are natural unpolished edges sourced from Brazil. While most fragments range from approximately 0.75" to 2" in dimension, anticipate discovering smaller pieces within the assortments.

The effectiveness of Blue Kyanite in matters concerning communication is remarkable, rendering it particularly valuable for activities involving the Throat Chakra. Additionally, Blue Kyanite possesses the ability to realign all Chakras, making it an exceptional stone for overall Chakra balance. Notably, this distinctive gemstone has the unique quality of neither absorbing nor retaining negative energies, thereby obviating the necessity for cleansing rituals. Despite the various hues Kyanite can manifest, its name originates from the Greek term signifying 'blue'. Furthermore, it serves as an excellent aid for meditation purposes.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Blue Kyanite Blade
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