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Mahogany Obsidian Tumbled Stones

Mahogany Obsidian Tumbled Stones

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These Mahogany Obsidian Tumble Stones, originating from Mexico, exhibit a size of approximately 0.75" to 1". Recognized also as Mountain Mahogany, this crystal emanates serene and delicate energy, serving as an excellent aid for grounding and protection. Its effectiveness in dispelling energy obstructions makes it a sought-after choice in the realm of crystal. The mesmerizing patterns of swirls and stripes within the stone result from the presence of iron inclusions in the obsidian, yielding a truly captivating gem that's irresistible to hold. Its compact dimensions make it perfect for carrying in your pocket as you navigate through your daily activities.

Please note that the stones depicted are for illustrative purposes, as these are naturally occurring items. Variations should be expected from one piece to another, while still maintaining a closely similar appearance.


  • Handmade
  • Materials:┬áMahogany Obsidian
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