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Lepidolite Tumbled Stones

Lepidolite Tumbled Stones

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These tumbled Lepidolite Tumbled Stones, ranging from 0.75" to 1.25" in size, belong to the lithium-mica mineral family. Displaying a range from solid lavender to soft pink shades, they can appear either dull or sparkly. Their primary effect is one of calming. Lepidolite possesses a high lithium content, which was initially the focus of mining efforts. Beyond its physical properties, Lepidolite offers a gentle remedy to alleviate intense emotions.

Its positive influence extends to facilitating peaceful sleep, establishing equilibrium between emotional aspects, and enhancing overall well-being. Notably, Lepidolite plays a role in harmonizing the Brow Chakra while fostering a sense of spirituality.

However, it's important to handle these crystals with care, as they are fragile. It's advised to avoid cleansing them with salt water, as this could potentially cause them to break apart.

Please note that the stones depicted in images are representative, and there might be slight variations in appearance from one item to another, considering their natural origin. While the stones you receive will be similar, they may not be identical, contributing to their unique character and charm. The provided pictures aim to offer a glimpse into the typical assortment of sizes and shapes available.


  • Handmade
  • Materials:¬†Tumbled¬†Lepidolite
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