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Large Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones

Large Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones

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Discover exquisite Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones sourced from Brazil, each ranging in size from 1.25" to 2" +/-. Embracing the natural variation of batches from Brazil, the current collection is slightly more petite than the depicted images, yet perfectly aligns with the 1.25 - 2" dimension range. Experience the allure of substantial Tumbled Rose Quartz offered at an unparalleled value.

A profoundly soothing and tranquil crystal, it harmonizes seamlessly with the Chakra. Many individuals place these stones in their personal spaces or carry them daily. Not only do these stones repel negative energy, but they also reinstate an aura of good vibes in its purest form. The selection of stones will be conducted at random from our current inventory when you place your order. These magnificent crystals serve a multitude of purposes, serving as palm stones, for Chakra work, ornamental displays, or as companions for absorbing the energies that Rose Quartz embodies. This unparalleled offering presents top-quality Rose Quartz, representing an extraordinary value.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Large Tumbled Rose Quartz
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