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Aromatic Waterfall

Large Raw Larvikite Stones

Large Raw Larvikite Stones

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Top-quality pieces of natural rough Larvikite are available, measuring between 2 to 3 inches or more. Larvikite, known for its protective and grounding properties, aligns well with the Root Chakra. Its exceptional ability to ward off negativity makes it a sought-after choice for personal carry during travel or placement in homes. Its meditative qualities are profound, aiding in both goal setting and attainment, as well as paving the way for fresh avenues in the future.

The initial images showcase the stone's appearance when wet, a preview of its polished and tumbled form, revealing its complete potential. The concluding pictures exhibit the stone in its dry state, which is how it will be delivered. 


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Rough Larvikite
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