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Aromatic Waterfall

Bold Gemstone Presence

Bold Gemstone Presence

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Crafted from exquisite Bold Gemstone Presence, this Puffed Stone boasts dimensions of approximately 1.75", making it an ideal companion for your pocket.

Goldstone is a crystal renowned for its purported abilities to boost self-assurance, stimulate motivation, and kindle ambition. Moreover, Gemstone is prized for its capacity to channel energy and foster self-acceptance. Despite its synthetic origin, this stone is an addition to any crystal collection.

Each stone possesses a distinct character, so anticipate some variation in size and shape between pieces. Your Gemstone will be chosen randomly when it is shipped. The provided images showcase a range of hues that Bold Gemstone Presence can exhibit.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Red Goldstone
  • Size:¬†1.75"
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