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Jumbo Rough Fuchsite Natural Crystals

Jumbo Rough Fuchsite Natural Crystals

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These Jumbo Rough Fuchsite Natural Crystals are unrefined crystals, offered based on their weight; however, they generally fall within the size range of 3 to 5 inches. The allure of Fuchsite is enhanced by its splendid gleam, which refracts and shimmers when touched by sunlight. This crystal is remarkably exceptional, characterized by a potent earthly energy.

Fuchsite is believed to possess the capability to mend emotional wounds, dissolving any barriers that hinder affectionate energies. It can initiate receptivity to extrasensory perception and the dimensions of spirituality and the natural realm. Its most frequent association is with the Chakra, promoting favorable equilibrium and a harmonious flow.

Please note that the stones pictured serve as representations, as natural items exhibit variations. Expect some diversity from item to item, though the supplied stones will bear a strong resemblance without being identical. The provided images offer a glimpse of the usual assortment of sizes and shapes obtainable.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Rough Fuschite
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