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Inner Strength Crystal Box Combo Box

Inner Strength Crystal Box Combo Box

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Crystal Box Kits come with thoughtfully chosen Crystals aimed at enhancing Strength and Clarity. These kits are crafted to hold Crystals suitable for personal use, allowing them to be kept in close proximity. Inside the box, you'll find a Bracelet, a set of 4 Tumbled Stones, a Worry Stone, an Obelisk, and a Large Rough Stone. The blend of these potent Crystals presents a harmonious blend of aesthetics and metaphysical influence.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Bracelet, Tumble Crystal Kit, Worry Stone, Obelisk, Rough Stone

Stones Included in the box:

Inner Strength Bracelet - A beautiful bracelet hand-crafted from Red Jasper, Gold Tiger Eye, and Black Onyx beads. This carefully selected combination of three powerful strength crystals will assist in bringing inner power, confidence, and clarity. 8 mm thick beads on a stretchable bracelet, fits most wrists. About 7.5" in size.

4 Piece Strength Tumble Kit - This 'Strength' Set has crystals selected that we view as representing a sense of Power, Robustness, and Clarity. Selected for their beauty, energy, and metaphysical properties each stone represents key qualities of elevating to a new plane of strength. View these stones as an assist to help take the next step in any aspect of life. Fortitude are so important in these divisive times let the energies and auras help build upon your natural abilities. These stones will help with absorbing, processing, and creating a vision and inspiration for any aspect of life.

Red Jasper Worry Stone - Red Jasper is very strongly associated with the Root Chakra. Red Jasper is strong in earth energy and is sometimes known as the ‘Blood of the Earth’. This nurturing stone is used commonly in comfort and is a great stone to bring peace, calm, and tranquility to those who are troubled.

Sodalite Obelisk - Sodalite is more geared towards strength  and control over one's emotions rather than physical strength. It brings order and serenity to your conscience. A mind at peace lays the way for a clear focused path with strong vibrations. It helps with endurance and stabilization of the body and Chakra. It also encourages rational thought, equilibrium, truth, and strong self-esteem.

Large Rough Gold Tiger Eye - The Gold Tiger eye is associated with increased determination and willpower and is a popular stone for those keen to develop their inner powers and those who work with the law of attraction. Wonderful mixtures of golds, browns, deep brown's and yellows with some nice flash!


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