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Aromatic Waterfall

Dark Tourmaline Log

Dark Tourmaline Log

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Top-quality Raw Tourmaline Extra Grade Large to Jumbo-Sized Natural Logs / Rods: This collection features exceptional specimens with an impressive shine. Each piece carries a unique combination of length, luster, height, and contour, showcasing the beauty of natural diversity. The Tourmaline logs, known for their remarkable striations and organic shapes, come in varying sizes, some longer and slimmer, others shorter and more robust, with lengths ranging approximately from 3 to 5 inches as they increase in size.

These superb Tourmaline logs of extra grade possess powerful protective properties. Their optimal dimensions make them perfect for placement throughout your living space, effectively warding off negative energies. Additionally, their aesthetic appeal renders them ideal for decorative purposes. A truly exquisite find!

  • Handmade
  • Materials: Natural Dark Tourmaline Logs
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