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Crystal Kit With 4 Pieces With Organza Pouch

Crystal Kit With 4 Pieces With Organza Pouch

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The 'Strength' Collection consists of carefully chosen crystals that symbolize qualities like Power, Resilience, and Clarity. These stones have been selected not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their energetic and metaphysical attributes. Each crystal embodies essential characteristics that contribute to enhancing one's inner strength and personal growth. These crystals possess energies and auras that work together to amplify your innate abilities. They aid in absorbing, processing, and envisioning, making them valuable tools for various aspects of life. By understanding the unique energies and properties of each crystal, you can discover which ones align with you.

Whether you're new to crystals or an avid collector, this set offers a perfect starting point or a captivating addition to your collection, all at an exceptional value. Every piece is hand-picked based on its quality and size, ranging from approximately 0.75" to 1"+/-. Presented in a Copper Organza Pouch measuring 4" x 3", these crystals are convenient to carry and keep secure. This gift set offers both quality and affordability, making it an ideal choice.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Gold Tiger Eye, Hematite, Chevron Amethyst, Sodalite

    Tumbled Stones included:

    Sodalite - It brings order and serenity to your conscience. It also encourages rational thought, equilibrium, truth, and strong self-esteem.

    Gold Tiger-Eye - Gold Tiger’s-Eye is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and is a well-loved protection stone, often being carried by those who travel. Gold Tiger-eye is associated with increased determination and willpower and is a popular stone for those keen to develop their inner powers and those who work with the law of attraction. 

    Hematite - Hematite is used extensively in Crystal Healing and is strongly associated with the Root Chakra, a well-known grounding and protection stone. It's also a wonderful stone to use when meditating and for enhancing willpower and courage.

    Chevron Amethyst - Chevron Amethyst is formed where veins of white quartz and amethyst have grown together in the rock. This stone tends to combine the enhancing and purifying qualities of quartz.

    Comes in a Copper Organza Pouch

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