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Aromatic Waterfall

Chevron Amethyst Gemstone

Chevron Amethyst Gemstone

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Crafted from exquisite purple Chevron Amethyst Gemstone, these stones measure approximately 1" to 1.25" in size, making them perfect for carrying in your pocket.

Amethyst, also known as the 'Stone of Spirituality,' is a highly sought-after crystal and one of our top sellers. It holds significance as the birthstone for those born in February and is recognized as a supportive stone for individuals on a journey, earning it the nickname 'Sobriety Stone.' Amethyst is closely associated with the Crown Chakras and boasts a multitude of metaphysical properties. Yet, above all, it is treasured for its sheer beauty, making it one of our personal favorites!

Please note that each stone is unique, so there may be variations in size and shape among different pieces. Your specific stone will be chosen randomly at the time of shipment. The provided images showcase the diverse range of purple shades that Amethyst stones can exhibit.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Carved Amethyst
  • Size: 1"
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