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Cherry Quartz Tumbled Stones

Cherry Quartz Tumbled Stones

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Gorgeous Cherry Quartz Tumble Stones, sized around 0.75" - 1.25", exhibit stunning red swirls and bands, offering a translucent and magnificent appearance. These remarkable stones, sometimes referred to as Strawberry Obsidian, are among the few synthetic crystals that we hold in high regard. Embrace these exquisite stones without hesitation, despite their artificial origin.

Approximate Quantity per Lot (Reference) -
2 oz: 4 - 5 stones
4 oz: 8 - 10 stones
8 oz: 16 - 20 stones
1 lb: 32 - 40 stones
2 lb: 64 - 80 stones

Cherry Quartz is crafted using reconstituted natural Quartz and Cinnabar. Through a fusion process, these elements are melded, resulting in the infusion of captivating inclusions. This creates an incredibly distinctive crystal that lies at the intersection of nature and human craftsmanship.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Cherry Quartz
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