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Aventurine Rune Stone Set With Storage Pouch

Aventurine Rune Stone Set With Storage Pouch

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Unlock the door to opportunity and abundance with our Aventurine Rune Stone Set With Storage Pouch! Each meticulously carved rune, sculpted from the mesmerizing green aventurine, radiates prosperity, luck, and growth. Safely tucked away in an elegant velvet pouch, this set beckons you to explore divination, gain profound insight, and immerse yourself in the flourishing energies of green aventurine.


  • Material: green aventurine stones engraved with the Elder Futhark runes.
  • Size: Various sizes, approximately 1/2' to 1" each.
  • Includes: a complete 25-rune set with a velvet pouch for storage.
  • Unique: natural variations in stones, similar but not identical to the illustration.
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