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6 Polished Selenite Charging Station And 2 Black Tourmaline Logs

6 Polished Selenite Charging Station And 2 Black Tourmaline Logs

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Two 'must have' powerful protection crystals in one set! Premium quality Polished White Selenite Plate & 2 'Extra Grade' Raw Black Tourmaline Logs!

Introducing a set containing two essential protective crystals: a high-quality Polished White Selenite Plate and two 'Extra Grade' Raw Black Tourmaline Logs. Ensuring the optimal condition of your crystals, pendulums, and stones is vital, particularly if you use them frequently. This superior charging plate serves this purpose admirably. Selenite, known for its versatile energy-cleansing properties, adeptly eliminates stagnant and negative energy. Moreover, Selenite amplifies the energy of objects placed upon it. The charging plate accommodates various items for cleansing and revitalization. When not utilized for this purpose, it can be positioned strategically for protective effects.

Measuring approximately 6" in length, 1.25" in width, and 0.33" in depth, the Selenite Charging Station exhibits slight variations due to its natural handmade origin. Remarkably, Selenite remains free from negative energies and requires no clearing, functioning as a protective stone. Its self-recharging nature eliminates concerns about regular cleansing or recharging.

In addition, the set includes two Raw Black Tourmaline Extra Grade Natural Logs with a high luster, each spanning 1" to 1.5" in length. These premium-grade, energy-rich rods display some variation in appearance, but their illustrative depiction showcases their quality. The supplied items will be very similar, though not exact replicas, in appearance to the Black Tourmaline stones shown.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Natural Black Tourmaline Logs x 2, Polished Selenite Cleansing Plate
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