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4 Pieces Open Mindedness Chakra Protection Curative Sets

4 Pieces Open Mindedness Chakra Protection Curative Sets

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This collection called the 'Creativity' Set consists of carefully chosen crystals that symbolize qualities such as imagination, uniqueness, and inspiration. These crystals have been selected for their aesthetic appeal, energetic attributes, and metaphysical characteristics, each embodying essential traits that encourage the unfettered flow of thoughts. By aiding in the absorption, processing, and formation of ideas, these stones facilitate the creation of visions and inspiration across various aspects of life. Take the time to explore the distinct energies and attributes of each crystal to find the one that resonates with you. Whether you're new to crystals or an avid collector, this set is a wonderful addition, offered at an exceptional value. Each crystal is hand-picked based on its quality and size.

The sizes of the crystals range from approximately 0.75" to 1" with slight variations. They are packaged in a Purple Organza Pouch measuring 4" x 3", making them convenient to carry while ensuring their safety. This set makes for an excellent gift option, combining quality and affordability.

Included in every Crystal Kit is an Identification card detailing the names of each crystal, along with information about their individual properties.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Carnelian, Lapis, White Howlite, Fancy Jasper

Size ranges from about 0.75" - 1" +/-. Supplied in a Purple Organza Pouch measuring 4" x 3" allowing for ease of transport and safety.

Tumbled Stones Included:

  • Carnelian: This stone has a strong connection to the Sacral Chakra. It aids in boosting physical vitality and fostering mental resilience. It encourages staying present and concentrating on current realities instead of past adversities. Functioning as a grounding element, it supports concentration, learning, innovation, and memory.
  • Lapis: These exquisite blue stones, believed to have existed since ancient times, are frequently utilized in Crystal Curative to engage both the Chakra and the Third Chakra. This serene stone is considered helpful for effective communication and deflecting undesirable energies and psychic intrusions. Lapis transforms chaotic energies into simpler, more manageable forms.
  • White Howlite: White Howlite contributes to quieting an overly active mind and aiding in meditation. It readies the mind for insights, amplifies wisdom, and enhances inventiveness. This profoundly soothing stone is employed to induce relaxation and promote positive character traits. It counters negativity while magnifying positive attributes.
  • Fancy Jasper: These calming stones are thought to naturally nurture the mind, particularly during challenging periods. With its protective nature, it absorbs adverse energies and offers numerous advantages. The most significant trait of Fancy Jasper is its capacity to harmonize the mind, quelling confusion and providing a clear and directed course.
  • Comes in a Purple Organza Pouch.
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