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4 Pieces Chakra Protection Healing Sets

4 Pieces Chakra Protection Healing Sets

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The 'Protection' Collection features a carefully curated selection of crystals chosen for their strong, potent, and safeguarding energies. These crystals have been picked not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their metaphysical attributes that contribute to shielding and repelling negative energies. Explore the unique energies and characteristics of each crystal to find the one that resonates with you the most. Whether you're a newcomer to the world of crystals or a seasoned collector, this set offers both an excellent introduction and a stunning addition to your collection, all at an exceptional value. Each crystal is meticulously chosen for its quality and size.

The crystal sizes vary, ranging from approximately 0.75" to 1" with some variation. They come packaged in a Black Organza Pouch measuring 4" x 3", ensuring convenient portability and protection. This collection is an ideal and affordable choice for gifting.

Included with each Crystal Kit is an Identification card that provides clear visuals of each stone and detailed information about their individual properties.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Amethyst, Hematite, Shungite, Gold Tiger Eye

Size ranges from about 0.75" - 1" +/-. Supplied in a Black Organza Pouch measuring 4" x 3" allowing for ease of transport and safety.

Tumbled Stones Included:

  • Hematite - Hematite is used extensively in Crystal Healing and is strongly associated with the Root Chakra, a well-known grounding and protection stone. It's also a wonderful stone to use when meditating and for enhancing willpower and courage. The strong energy associated helps control and building great personality. In addition - it's simply a wonderful shiny crystal to admire!
  • Gold Tiger Eye - Gold Tiger’s Eye is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and is a protection stone, often carried by those who travel. Gold Tiger eye is associated with increased determination and willpower and is a popular stone for those keen to develop their inner powers and those who work with the law of attraction. Wonderful mixtures of golds, browns, deep browns, and yellows with some nice flash!
  • Shungite - This rare and beautiful black crystal comes from Russia and is also known as the 'Stone of Life'. Shungite has a very wide variety of uses, including emf protection, and in this context is used to absorb negative energy and electromagnetic radiation. The stone is used extensively around many devices but is especially useful with cell phones. Shungite is said to be the "miracle stone" known for its incredible healing and protection properties
  • Amethyst - Also known as the 'Stone of Peace', Amethyst is one of our most popular crystals. Amethyst may assist you in happiness, groundedness, emotional resolve, peace, addiction, and tame unruly dreams. In addition, it is a natural reliever, encourages and supports inner strength, and helps to clarify unknown intentions heightening one's level of protection. It is a stone that truly knows no bounds as it is one of the most powerful gemstone crystals. Amethyst is associated with the Brow and Crown Chakra and has a host of metaphysical properties. Beyond all this, it is, however, simply a very beautiful stone to possess - one of our favorites! February Birthstone.
  • Comes in a Black Organza Pouch
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