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4 Piece Pisces Birthstones Crystal Kit In Organza Pouch

4 Piece Pisces Birthstones Crystal Kit In Organza Pouch

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Style Of Kit

Zodiac Crystal Kits for the Pisces Sign. February 19th - March 20th.

You can opt for either a tumbled or unrefined crystal kit designed for your specific Zodiac Sign or even choose both to get a great deal. The sizes range from approximately 0.75" to 1" (with some variation) for the tumbled stones and 1" to 1.5" for the rough stones. The Tumble Kit is packaged in a small Lime Green Organza Bag measuring 4" x 3", while the Rough Kit comes in a slightly larger Cloth Bag (4" x 6").

Each stone has been carefully chosen based on its attractiveness, energetic qualities, and metaphysical attributes, representing important traits of the Pisces Zodiac sign. You can explore the energies and properties of each individual stone to discover which one resonates with you the most. This collection serves as an excellent introduction to the world of crystals or an amazing addition to any existing collection, all offered at an unbeatable value. Each piece has been personally selected for its quality and size, and an Identification card is included with each Crystal Kit to help you identify each stone.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Bloodstone, Kambaba Jasper, Clear Quartz, Sodalite

Crystals Included:

  • Bloodstone - Bloodstone has long been used for its amazing properties. It is believed by many to cleanse and ground negative energy. Used to detoxify it is believed to increase energy and vitality.
  • Kambaba Jasper - This nurturing stone is used commonly in comforting and is a great stone to bring peace, and calm. Filled with nature's green nurturing energy this is also a stone believed to remove negative energy. The stone is also known as Green Stromatolite Jasper, and can also be referred to as Crocodile Rock or Crocodile Jasper - it is also often referred to as the 'Supreme Nurturer'. It is a great grounding stone and is wonderful to meditate with.
  • Clear Quartz - Strongly associated with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras but will remove energy blockages from all the Chakras. This versatile stone is sometimes known as the ‘Master-Healer’. The stone has very many uses but is especially useful for meditation, repelling negative energy, assisting with clarity of thought. It is especially known for amplifying intention when used with crystal calmness.
  • Sodalite - Sodalite is more geared towards strength of the mind and control over one's emotions rather than physical strength. It brings order and serenity to your conscience. A mind at peace lays the way for a clear focused path with strong vibrations. It helps with endurance and stabilization of the body and Chakra. It also encourages rational thought, equilibrium, truth, and strong self-esteem.
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