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Chiastolite Tumbled Stones

Chiastolite Tumbled Stones

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Tumbled Chiastolite (Andalusite) Tumble Stones are remarkably distinctive gemstones. Referred to as the 'Cross Stone' or 'Fairy Cross Stone,' these brownstones exhibit a naturally formed black cross, which is situated at or close to the stone's center. The clarity of the cross directly correlates with the stone's quality; a clearer cross signifies higher quality. It's important to bear in mind that when acquiring this stone, the prominence of the cross may differ significantly from one stone to another, and this variation is completely normal due to its natural origin. Hence, expecting uniformity among them is not realistic. You can choose between the 'A' grade crystals, as depicted in the provided images, showcasing clear crosses, or opt for the 'B' grade crystals that might display a faint cross or even just black lines. Additionally, the 'B' grade stones have a more irregular chip-like shape, differing from the consistently round 'A' grade ones.

This stone has gained renown for its ability to ward off negative energy, while also being strongly linked to fostering creativity and tranquility. Many individuals place the stone at the center of their homes, allowing positive energy to emanate from the cardinal points (north, south, east, west) and spread throughout the living space.

The images of stones displayed are intended for illustrative purposes. Given that these items are natural, there will inevitably be some variations from one item to another. While the stones supplied will closely resemble one another, they may not be identical. The images posted are meant to provide a general idea of the assortment of sizes and shapes available.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Tumbled Chiastolite
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