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Use Code 'SPRING10' To Save 10%

About Us

Dr. Tony Chen, Founder - Aromatic Waterfall, PhD in Positive Psychology


"Ask yourself this question, how many of those opportunities did you make use of today?"

Research reveals that we only utilize less than 10% of our brain’s actual capacity. You might be surprised to know that a major reason for this is the fact that we are perpetually distracted and less mindful. My life has been a journey understanding this anomaly that's been killing human productivity and growth.
I was born in Hunts Point, a tiny neighborhood in New York to immigrant parents who were never really concerned about the greater purpose of life. During my school and undergraduate studies, I always thought about human potential and the wonderful things we could achieve with positivity and mindfulness.
The Story of Aromatic Waterfall
During my Ph.D. specializing in Positive Psychology, I took a one-year sabbatical break and moved to Lumbini in Nepal, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. During this time, I traveled extensively and interacted with monks & sadhus in India, Nepal & Tibet.
I understood the power of ancient herbs and experienced the impact they could have on our well-being. It was one of those moments wherein ancient oriental wisdom met modern occidental thought and the idea of Aromatic Waterfall was born.
Journey of Growth
After getting back to the United States, I started this company with a firm belief in the power of positivity and you. Currently, we serve over 10,000 customers every week and the Aromatic Waterfall team consists of 38 Positivity Ambassadors passionate about helping you start and end your day on the freshest possible note.
Our Herbal Incense Fragrance Cones are made from natural and eco-friendly ayurvedic herbs to stimulate your sense of smell and help you develop mindfulness. Pair it with our 100% handmade ceramic incense burners and add a touch of sheer elegance to your office or home.
For Our Customers
Infuse your air with the vitality of nature and enhance your well being with our handcrafted aromatherapy. Freshen up your office or home, dissipate negative energy, purify the air and relieve yourself from daily stress.
We genuinely wish you grow through life and make the most of those 1,440 minutes every day.
We’d love to know your stories of triumph and are waiting to listen at
Phone Number: +1 (858) 391-6601