The Best Incense To Burn With Our Aromatic Waterfall Burners

Here at Aromatic Waterfall we believe in providing the best and most calming incense burners. In order to have the best experience, you need to choose the right incense to burn! Here is a list of the absolute best incense to burn in our Aromatic Waterfall Burners!


Create a warm and relaxing environment by burning lavender incense. Lavender incense smells sweet, delicate, herbal with balsamic undertones. This long lasting fragrance keeps the home or office smelling pleasant for hours together. Goes well with this incense burner!

White Sage

White sage will fill your home with a calming and pleasant aroma. It has a herbaceous, woodsy, and slightly astringent scent. Your home will smell absolutely lovely. Goes well with this incense burner!

Japanese Rose

Japanese Rose incense is subtle and absolutely lovely. Its aroma is unique and ranges from bitter and sweet to salty and sour. Its beautiful and unique scent makes it perfect for anyone.  Goes well with this incense burner!


Create a cool, calm and relaxing environment by burning Sandalwood incense. Sandalwood incense has an absolutely lovely aroma. It is one of the most popular incense scents. It has an earthy, woodsy odors, with a kick of subdued spices. Goes well with this incense burner!

Nag Champa

Nag Champa is a very relaxing incense to burn. Its smell is sweet and relaxing. More often than not it is described as smelling sweet, slightly woodsy smell that is calming, warming, and moist. Goes well with this incense burner!

Now that you’ve seen some of the best incenses to burn it’s time for you to pick up an incense burner and get started! We have one of the largest selections of incense burners. Other brands offer low quality incense burners, but ours are made from premium materials for your satisfaction. Click the banner below to shop!