How Do Backflow Incense Burners Work?

How Do Backflow Incense Burners Work?

It’s so stunning to look at… but how does it work? If you’ve ever seen a Backflow Incense Burner, you’d be memorized by how magical it looks. Depending on what design you get, the incense burner can look like it has slow flowing water running down a mountain, a waterfall, or even a dragon blowing out smoke. It’s a super creative and fun way to have your place smelling great while having a calming visual. We’re gonna explain how backflow incense burners work so you can sound like a pro when you explain to your friends.

The backflow incense is made by using incense cones in an incense burner. The reason it is called “backflow” is because the smoke is pushed down instead of flowing up in the air. When you use an incense cone, it’s like using incense sticks where it gives off an amazing earthy smell. When you burn the incense cone the smoke will start to flow down. 

One big difference between using an incense burner is that the smell does not spread as fast and as wide as a regular incense stick. This is because of the backflow effect. Instead of the smoke filling the air, it fills the spots in the burner design and will look like water or smoke flowing down. So, if you’re looking for something that is more scent filling, we recommend using sticks instead of a burner. But, if visuals hit the spot for you, then a burner would be perfect. 

You can get lots of different types of burners: mountains, waterfalls, dragons, lakes, ponds, etc. Regardless, you want to make sure that you set it up well so that the design looks exactly how you want it. First, make sure you have a proper lighter (makes burning the cone easier), cones, and your burner. Light the backflow cone at the top and cover the little hole on the burner. After a few minutes you should have a steady flow of smoke running through the burner creating an effect. We recommend placing your burner in an area that does not have heavy air flow, that way the smoke will stay flowing down the burner instead of the air.  If you need to clean your burners you can easily rinse them out with hot water! Easy maintenance is always key too.

Place your burner in the office, bedroom, living room and you have a calm oasis to always look at. It’s a great piece of décor that you can give to friends and family. Check out some of our Incense Burners here! We’ve got so many to choose from. Pick one that fits your aesthetic or your vibe. You’ll love to use it every time you want to relax or when you have guests over.

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