3 Best Aromatic Waterfalls for Relaxing

3 Best Aromatic Waterfalls for Relaxing

The Bonsai Mountain

This Bonsai Mountain waterfall is crafted from ceramic and includes a space to hold an incense burner. Bonsai are a form of Japanese art done through trees. This art style dates back over 2000 years and was heavily influenced by Buddhism. They are made to look like miniature versions of trees and generally symbolize balance, simplicity, and peace. However, each bonsai tree represents something different. The Azalea Bonsai represents femininity, vulnerability, and gentleness. They are a soft shade of pink and are often gifted to women. The Ficus Bonsai symbolizes unity, new beginnings, simplicity, and the harmony of nature. They are often used to uplift people’s moods and bring positivity. The jade bonsai symbolizes energy, growth, and friendship. These trees are known to bring good luck, money, and prosperity. Because of this, they are often gifted to business people. The juniper bonsai symbolizes power and strength. They are known to ward off evil spirits and help individuals overcome challenges. They produce berry-like cones that are often used for healing rituals. The cherry blossom bonsai symbolizes strength, beauty, and femininity. Due to their short life span, they are used as a reminder to live in the moment because life can be fleeting. The Chinese elm bonsai represents inner strength, wisdom, and love. This tree is thought to be a magical good omen and is often planted in front of churches and homes. The maple bonsai represents peace and balance. They are colored a bright red or orange and are the perfect decoration to bring a splash of color to your environment. The cedar bonsai represents immortality, strength, and protection because of its healing properties. The leaves are also used for incense. Finally , the oak bonsai represents strength, longevity, and knowledge. While each bonsai tree is unique in its design and symbolism, there is no doubt that they radiate luck and positive energy. Having a bonsai-shaped aromatic waterfall is sure to bring good luck to anyone!

The Brown Monk/ Pot 3

This aromatic waterfall features a brown monk and a leaf fountain. It also contains two incense burner holders! Buddhist monks have been part of their culture for over 3000 years. They practice their religion through monastic living and dedicate their lives to following their beliefs. These monks spend their days reciting mantras, collecting food and money from nearby villages, praying, and going to school. While their days can be long and hard, monks are always kind and cheerful. Part of their relaxed demeanor comes from their teachings and beliefs. For example, Buddhist monks look at life in a very simple way. They keep their material possessions to a minimum and own mostly only essential items. Their selfless attitude comes from their sense of compassion. This is often developed through meditation. Another Buddhist teaching is to live in the moment. By constantly dwelling in the past or worrying about the future, one will never be able to relax. Doing so takes discipline, but also allows us to understand our true focus. By following the teachings of Buddhist monks, we can learn to let go of stressful things and focus on the positives. Doing so will allow you to relax and feel calm.

The Golden Waterfall

This aromatic waterfall features a golden waterfall made from ceramic, and two incense burner slots. Waterfalls are one of nature’s wonders. They symbolize openness, flexibility, power, and spirituality. However, they have different meanings across various cultures. In Chinese culture, waterfalls represent a flow of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. Waterfall decorations are always placed in a corridor, office, or living space. In ancient Greece, waterfalls represented the evolution of beings and the renewal of each second. Its imagery showed a heavenly activity and infinite potential. In the Judo-Christian tradition, waterfalls symbolize career luck and delight. In Hinduism, waterfalls symbolize spiritual cleansing. Waterfall imagery in their culture is sacred and allows individuals to reflect on their mistakes to become better. In Islam, a waterfall can symbolize an important decision with a clear focus. In Japan, waterfalls represent purity. In their Shinto tradition, waterfalls are sacred. While each culture interprets waterfalls differently, it is no doubt that their symbolism is positive. Waterfalls bring good luck and energy, which are perfect for relaxing! Simply adding this Golden Waterfall to your home will bring calmness and purity to your life.


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