3 Aromatic Waterfalls that Will Bring You a Lot Of Luck

3 Aromatic Waterfalls that Will Bring You a Lot Of Luck

This year has brought a lot of stress to people all around the world. With individuals forced to stay home, the levels of anxiety has increased, while people’s mental health has decreased. While you may not be able to go out and consult your friends for help, there are other ways at home to bring luck and calmness to yourself. Keep reading to find three aromatic waterfalls that can bring you lots of luck!

The Leaf Aromatherapy Waterfall Incense Burner

This Leaf Waterfall is made from ceramic. It features three waterfall levels shaped as leaves, and a bowl. It also includes two locations for you to store incense. This way, you can relax with the smell of incense and its smoky waterfall. It is said that leaves symbolize hope, life, fertility, and growth. They symbolize hope during the summer and spring because, no matter what, they always grow. Leaves also symbolize life because they contain chlorophyll, which keeps leaves green and fills them with energy and life. The color green also symbolizes life and energy! They also symbolize fertility and growth. When leaves begin to sprout on a tree, we know that the plant is alive and growing. Trees and plants cannot grow bigger without leaves. These symbolisms are perfect for bringing you good luck. You can’t have luck without energy and growth!

The Black Lotus Aromatherapy Waterfall Incense Burner

The Black Lotus Waterfall is made from ceramic and coated in a beautiful black lacquer. Its design shows two waterfall levels and a bowl. It also features two areas that hold incense and a lotus design at the top. This waterfall is perfect for relieving stress and purifying your air. The lotus flower has different meanings in different cultures and religions. To Egyptians, the lotus represents the sun and rebirth. This is because lotus flowers bloom in the daytime but retract into the water at night. This flower also symbolized the unification of the upper and lower Egyptian kingdoms. In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolizes purity, spiritual awakening, and faithfulness. It is considered to be pure because the lotus flower naturally lives in murky waters, but is bright and clean. The way it opens up in the morning suggests faithfulness because this is suggestive of desire. In the Buddhist religion, different colored lotus have different meanings. THe blue lotus represents the victory of a spirit over intelligence and wisdom. The white lotus symbolizes being awakened, purity, and spiritual perfection. The purple lotus symbolizes esoteric sects. The pink lotus is the supreme lotus because it represents the true lotus of Buddha. Finally, the red lotus symbolizes love and compassion. As you can see, the lotus flower has strong ties to positive symbolism across the world. There is no doubt that this beautiful and mystical flower can bring good luck to your spirit. 

Dragon with the Gem Aromatherapy Waterfall Incense Burner

This aromatic waterfall features a large dragon holding a gem. Misty water pours from the dragon's mouth into a bowl at the bottom. There are also two locations to hold incense. This waterfall is perfect for dissipating negative energy. In eastern culture, dragons are known for symbolizing luck, success, wisdom, and excellence. They represent good luck because eastern dragons are said to emit “sheng qi”, a celestial breath of great power. It is said that anyone who is bestowed with “sheng qi” will have great luck! The best way to utilize this waterfall is to make sure it faces in the proper directions (according to the rules of “feng shui”. First, the dragon should be placed in an open area. This guarantees good flow of “feng shui” because the dragon has space to fly and move around. Also, make sure that the dragon is not facing a door or window. Good placements for your dragon waterfall include your bedroom, office, kitchen, and east, southwest, or northeast bagua areas. Make sure to avoid areas such as your bathroom, closet, garage, or closed areas, higher than eye level, and on the floor. If you follow all these instructions, your luck will improve in no time!

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